Make the parking the easiest step on your way, leave your car at GoParking airport parking!
Limited amount of parking places –  book yours now!

Parking at parking houses next to Tallinn Airport

GoParking Tallinn Airport
Ülemiste City, Sepise 8.

GoParking T1 Mall of Tallinn
T1 Mall of Tallinn, Peterburi tee 2

GoParking at Tallinn airport at your service 24/7
Parking service is easy, quick and with comfortable price. Welcome!

1. Book and pay
for your parking
in advance.

2. Drive to the parking garage at Tallinn airport.


3. Always near
to the airport.

4. Have a safe trip!
airport parking
is the easiest
step on the way.

5. After the trip
pick up your car.

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GoParking OÜ
Business ID 14580337
Legal address:
Põhja pst 25, 10415 Tallinna

Business addresses:
GoParking Tallinn Airport, Sepise 8, Tallinna, Viro
GoParking T1 Mall of Tallinn, Peterburi tee 2, Tallinna, Viro

Customer service: bookings, driving instructions, changes to the bookings etc. response time 1–3 days.

If assistance is needed at parking house at Sepise 8, telephone 24/7 (Securitas): +3726139209 

If assistance is needed at parking house at T1 Mall of Tallinn
at Peterburi tee 2, telephone 24/7 (Security): +37253843930

Parking at GoParking Tallinn Airport – only with pre-booking!



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